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  • Build your forward calendar around your priorities — these items should be addressed first and be immovable.
  • Once you’ve got a draft forward calendar, be ruthless in answering three questions:
    1. Are we covering everything we need to?
    2. Do our discussions support the organisation in achieving its goals?
    3. Is there anything in our forward calendar that doesn’t need to be there?
  • Treat your forward calendar as a live document. After each meeting, ask yourself if your priorities are still relevant or if anything needs to change.

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You can find all our bite-sized videos on the BI Academy:

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You can also find our suite of best-practice templates within the BI Platform (under the “Templates” icon in the top ribbon). These provide a starter for ten on the questions likely to be on your readers’ minds for particular topics and help you to structure your thinking in a logical and robust way.

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