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Agenda Planner takes the complexity out of setting your forward agendas. From one ‘at a glance’ view you can quickly plan your annual calendar, manage last-minute changes, weigh where your board spends its time and proactively course-correct so that it's your board’s priorities, not convention, that drives your organisation forward.

“Board Intelligence's Agenda Planner adds an even greater degree of professionalism to the work we have to do.”
~ Anna Barnes - Associate Director, Arup
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How it works

Manage multiple agendas

Agenda planner

Effortlessly master not just one, but multiple agendas

With the ease of drag and drop, you can move your agenda items seamlessly between meetings and the timings will automatically update across your agenda. So when those inevitable last-minute changes crop up you'll be at a loose end rather than your wit's end.

Tag stakeholders

Stakeholder perspectives

Secure the board’s time on each of your stakeholders

Boards, rightly, want to balance their time across a wide range of stakeholders, from the shareholder, to employees, the environment and increasingly society at large. Easily tag and monitor your agenda items by stakeholder groups to ensure your board maintains the right balance of focus in their discussion and, for UK companies, fulfil their Section 172 obligations.
Link meeting forums

Forum Linking

Ensure alignment across your meeting forums

Agenda items rarely come to the board in isolation. They will often have been tabled at a management meeting or committee forum first. Link your agenda items, so that postponing an item in one forum highlights the impact on another, making the web of dependencies easier to manage.
View agenda analytics

Meeting Analytics

Analyse and report on where your board spends its time

Understand whether your board has spent its most precious resource - time - in the right way. Meeting analytics let you see at a glance where your board might be spending too much or too little time.