Board Portal for collaboration

Run efficient remote board and leadership meetings

Our board portal allows boards and leadership teams to securely access and collaborate on their meeting materials at any time and from anywhere in the world.

“I no longer need to carry bulky packs of papers for meetings, instead I just carry my iPad. Thank you, Board Intelligence, you have transformed how I work!”

~ Steve O’Donoghue, Director of Finance, Wales Audit

Secure UK hosting

Get a world-class security board portal, hosted in the UK

The only UK-headquartered, UK-hosted, world-class security board portal. Our privately owned data centres are UK-based, ISO 27001 & 9001 certified, and approved for hosting UK Government data.

“I wish every third party handled my security requirements the way Board Intelligence have.”

~ Serge Baudot, Head of Information Security, easyJet

Access to 24/7 expert support

Our team, many of whom are governance professionals and industry experts, is there to help you and your Directors 24/7.

“The IT support has been amazing, very responsive and for this reason alone, I would recommend it.”

~ Debbie Wakeford, Group Director of Legal and Company Secretary, Clarks

Save precious time and money

On average organisations that switch to digital portals from a paper process expect to achieve 90% time savings.

“The board portal is very easy to use and has saved a lot of time when compiling board papers.”

~ Juliette Passinke, Company Secretarial Assistant, Morgan Sindall Group

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Board Intelligence is the world’s only platform that enables boards and leadership teams to focus on what matters most, ensuring smarter meetings, decisions, and outcomes.