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Careers at Board Intelligence

Senior/Lead Developer

We have Senior and Lead Developer roles across the full range of ‘full stack’. Whether you prefer to focus on front-end or enjoy a deep dive into DevOps or something in between, we’re hiring.

We’re looking for people who know how to learn and how to think — we don’t require experience with any particular part of our stack. Our stack is also evolving. We’re early adopters of any technology that can help us deliver our product and we’re not afraid to change and upskill the entire team in a new area.

What do we use?

  • Front-end: React JS.
  • Back-end & services: Ruby (on rails), Go, Clojure, Kafka, RabbitMQ.
  • Infrastructure, Devops, & CI: Docker, Kubernetes, bare metal, Gitlab CI, Google Cloud.

What’s our recruitment process?

We know there are lots of great opportunities out there, so our selection process takes less than a week (depending on your availability) and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to ask us questions and share your experience.

Generally, our recruitment process looks like:

  • A short call. We like to check that what we have is what you’re looking for before you come and meet us. 30 minute informal chat with our team leader.
  • A face-to-face technical interview. This is the main bit. You’ll meet two of our Lead Developers and discuss your experiences, test your problem solving, explore coding idioms, and more. We’ll ask and answer many questions, so you — and we — can get a good sense of if this is the team for you. 90 minutes with a couple of our team.
  • A short coding challenge. If you’re still keen once you’ve met us, we’d like to see how you code with. 90 minutes coding challenge.

And that’s it. We’ll make our decision quickly and fairly, and won’t leave you hanging.