Wednesday 9th JUNE, 12:00–12:45 BST

Beyond the Virtual Boardroom



85% of boards plan to continue operating at least partially remotely post-Covid. Combining the best of on-site and remote working in a new “hybrid” model can deliver both convenience and a higher-performing board — but doing so requires a mindset shift and new processes.

Join us on 9th June to learn how to prepare your board for a “hybrid” future. In this lunchtime session we’ll distil the key findings of our latest research, and explore the five things you need to consider as you prepare for life beyond the virtual boardroom:

  • How to align your board to new ways of working
  • How to make the most of your boardroom technology
  • How to plan a hybrid board calendar that unlocks the potential of hybrid board meetings
  • How to support the production of focused papers that drive focused discussions
  • How to deliver ‘big insight’ rather than ‘big data’ so your board can see what really matters

This session — exclusively for Board Intelligence customers — will be led by Esther Odida from Board Intelligence’s Specialist Delivery Team.

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