WEDNESDAY 26 MAY, 08:00–8:50 BST

Strategy for the Board



Boards have long struggled to balance a seemingly endless list of priorities — with governance and performance often crowding strategy out of the agenda. But the challenge isn’t just one of time spent. It’s the quality of strategic discussion that really matters. How can you make sure your board adds maximum value to strategic decisions? And how can you ensure that your strategy breaks free of the away-day agenda, and stays on track? In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • When and where strategy should appear on the agenda — and what you should be discussing.
  • The optimal format for board strategy discussions post pandemic, and what we now do differently as a result.
  • How a CEO or Chair should prepare for board strategy discussions.
  • How management can present strategic thinking and choices to maximise the board’s value-add.
  • Best practice reporting on strategy performance and initiatives.

Join us on 26 May for a Q&A with Charles Gurassa, one of the UK’s leading chairs, and Dineshi Ramesh, Director of Board Intelligence’s Specialist Delivery team.


Charles Gurassa is Chair of Channel 4, Oxfam GB, and Great Rail Journeys. He also serves as a trustee of English Heritage and the Migration Museum. Previously, he served as Deputy Chair of Easyjet plc and Senior Independent Director of Merlin Entertainments Group.

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