Compliance, without the compromise

Board Intelligence For Financial Services

Drowning in board information?

Regulatory and public scrutiny of the financial services industry is greater than ever. So is information overload.

With a renewed focus on section 172 of the Companies Act and the introduction of SMCR, over half of board packs have become longer. In 92% of cases, risk and compliance information has contributed to this increase. This has left boards feeling swamped in regulatory reporting, with limited visibility of what matters most and limited time to focus on key priorities — growth, strategy, and the wider business context.

Is your board pack part of the problem?
“Boards have been hugely affected by regulation which risks lending too much weight to the technicians and to people who are more interested in what you can’t do than what you can.”

~ Jonathan Ruffer, Chairman of Ruffer LLP


Insight, not oversight

More information tends to compromise insight rather than enable it. Less can mean more when it comes to equipping your directors with the information they need.

Board Intelligence enables you to:

  • Give your directors peace of mind that they are discharging their duties in the spirit of the regulator - by focusing on what your board is ultimately trying to achieve.
  • Create focused agendas, centred on your board's priorities, that drives more focused information, that in turn supports more focused conversations.
  • Scale and embed best-practice reporting that delivers insightful information to drive smarter, faster decision-making across your organisation and in line with regulatory expectation.
“Board Intelligence help the Board to change the tone of the conversation in the Board room, moving away from the compliance driven agenda to strategic thinking”

~ Mark Stevens, Group Company Secretary, Amlin See what else our clients say

You’re in good company

Over 350 organisations and 15,000 executives and non-executives rely on Board Intelligence.

We’re proud of the fact that 70% of our growth is driven by client referrals. We like to think the reason for that is making sure your needs come first and in turn it means we get to work with some of these great organisations: