Research Report:

Governance Challenges & Opportunities in 2021

In the aftermath of 2020, many governance professionals stand to face increased public and regulatory expectations with reduced budgets and stretched teams.  We asked governance teams and board members what they view as most critical in 2021, how confident they are that they’ll reach their goals, and what’s keeping them awake at night. 

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  • What’s getting 1 in 4 governance teams worried they won’t deliver.
  • Why 1 in 5 organisations will be left behind on stakeholder governance.
  • The burdens and upcoming challenges faced by larger secretariat teams.

“I’m concerned about the need to be more responsive to stakeholders, the increased volume of work, and the heightened operational risk arising from lots of manual tasks leading to inconsistent practices and less time to spend on value-added activity.”
~ Company Secretary, UK

The Real Value of Governance…

Overwhelmingly, governance professionals want to drive governance up the value chain and focus their time on projects that will help their organisations thrive in the long term. 

of governance professionals
say improving board information is useful or critical in 2021.
of governance professionals
believe driving the stakeholder governance agenda forward is useful or critical in 2021.

…Can Be Lost in Admin

However, too much of governance teams’ time is spent manually executing routine tasks that don’t need to be a huge burden.

of governance teams in listed companies
spend between 15–30% of their time planning and drafting annual reports.
of governance teams in listed companies
spend more than 30% of their time planning, drafting, and updating board agendas.

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