THURSDAY 17 June 2020, 12:00–12:30

A Board Intelligence Client Webinar

BI App Refresher:
Building Confidence

For old and new users alike, this webinar will explore how Board Intelligence can support great board meetings and cover all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, including:

  • Different ways to navigate through your pack.
  • Creating bookmarks.
  • Making and sharing annotations, and managing annotation alerts.
  • How to review two packs at once.

This session will be run by Lindsey Rostron, Head of our App Implementation Team. 
and Raphaelle Benabou, Client Relationship Manager.

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With the Board Intelligence platform, it’s easy to ensure your stakeholders are at the heart of every board discussion and decision. Find out how Board Intelligence can help you embed your stakeholders into every aspect of your board meeting from the board agenda through to board papers and external reporting.

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