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How does empathy with your audience give you an edge?

15 November 2022, 12:00–12:30 GMT
“Writing is a sustained act of empathy.”
~ Andre Dubus, short story writer and essayist

In business, we don’t write for ourselves but the reader. We write to be understood and more, to spur action. But that action only comes if your reader is convinced of your thinking. What does it take to be convincing? You start with your reader — what is on their mind when it comes to your subject?

A great report will build a connection with your reader. Think of the best adverts you’ve seen, they talk to you because they tug at something that matters to you. However, connection fails when your message is hidden beneath technical/ convoluted language; you address irrelevant issues; or dilute your report with tangential concerns.

In this session, Board Intelligence’s Tania Cabrera will be joined by a guest speaker, Lord James Lupton CBE, to discuss how understanding your audience enables you to pitch information at the right level, secure your reader's buy-in and ultimately lead them to your desired action or outcome – giving your reports that all important “edge”.


  • Writing for the reader, not the writer.
  • Understanding your audience — what does your board want to know?
  • Choosing your questions wisely.
Host: Tania Cabrera, Board Intelligence
Guest Speaker: Lord James Lupton CBE, Non-executive Director, Lloyds Banking Group and Chair, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets plc

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