Board meetings that drive value creation

Board Intelligence for Private Equity

The main purpose of a board meeting is to generate value. Are yours?

In a survey of 100+ PE boards 81% said the primary objective for board meetings should be value creation. Yet only 30% felt their board meetings achieved this.
Research into the role and value of the board in private equity-backed businesses uncovered the disconnect between what is expected from board meetings, and what they actually achieve. To find out how to address this mismatch and drive more effective board meetings download the research.
“If you believe in the value-add of PE, then the board meeting should be a key vehicle for that”
~ Calum Paterson, Managing Partner, SEP - Read the research
Board members trying to get out of the board meeting maze
Board members on a mountain trying to reach board meeting success

Set your board up to succeed within 100 days

Portfolio company board meetings aren’t focused on value creation because meeting agendas and board packs are not aligned with the value creation plan. At best this results in an unfocused board. At worst it renders the board meeting, and the preparation that goes into it, a waste of time.

Board Intelligence will align your board agendas and management information to your value creation plan and support your team to produce succinct, insightful reporting from day 1 - in turn ensuring your board is set up to truly add value.

“As an investor, you need to surface issues quickly and act on them. The Board Intelligence approach enables this and is invaluable.”

Adam Holloway, Founding Partner, Livingbridge - Watch the Video

You’re in good company

Over 300 organisations and 15,000 executives and non-executives rely on Board Intelligence.

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