The discipline of focus has the power to revolutionise the way your organisation is governed. Join our live showcase for a preview of the tools that can help you embed the discipline of focus into your board and wider organisation. 

Agenda Planner

Building Agile Board Agendas Without Compromising Your Priorities Takes Focus

Agenda Planner enables you to effortlessly build and maintain an unparalleled view of the next 12-18 months of meeting agendas across your organisation’s forums - and ensure your board is spending their time where it matters most.

  • Create a forward calendar of agendas in one place to ensure a single live view of upcoming discussions
  • Deftly manage changes across multiple meetings with drag and drop agenda items and automatic timings
  • Link agenda items across meeting forums so that movement of one reminds you about the impact on the other
  • Easily export the forward plan and share with your board to procure feedback and alignment
  • Get continuous feedback on how your board is weighting its time with at a glance agenda analytics

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Agenda Planner

Stakeholder Perspectives

Balancing Shareholders & Stakeholders Takes Focus


Stakeholder Perspectives gives you the assurance of a balanced debate by making it easy to plan, monitor and report on whether your board is spending the time they need to on each stakeholder group.


  • Tag agenda items by stakeholder group to ensure you’re giving the right weight to each stakeholder group as you plan your agendas and discussions
  • See in advance whether your commitment to your stakeholders is reflected in the time allocated
  • Access reporting that outlines the number of discussions and time spent on each stakeholder. Helping you quickly pull together insightful reporting on s172 (if you are required to do so).


See Agenda Planner & Stakeholder Perspectives in Action

6 August, 14:00 - 15:00 BST 

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