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Board Management Software that accelerates performance and drives purpose

Whether you're looking for a board portal for simple, secure access to board packs or want to transform the board conversation with high-impact agendas and papers, Board Intelligence will deliver what your board needs. 


Ensure your stakeholders are at the heart of your board papers

In today’s world of virtual meetings, the security of the board pack has never been more important. Board Intelligence gives you absolute peace of mind that your board papers and discussions are secure. You have complete control over who accesses, reads, and manages your board agendas and reports — eliminating the use of email and paper.


Create your board packs and agendas in minutes not days

Turn your board meeting preparation into a simple and streamlined process. No more time wasted chasing late papers or struggling with last-minute changes to the agenda. Automate each step, from commissioning to compiling your board pack, so you have precious time back to focus on making the board meeting as effective as it can be.


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Make your online board meetings effective and productive

Virtual board meetings present significant challenges, from juggling video-conferencing technology to keeping meeting attendees engaged and the conversation focused.

Board Intelligence provides integration with your chosen video conferencing app to make it easy and secure to access everything you need for your board meetings from one safe place. We’ve developed a number of features optimised for virtual board meetings to ensure the meeting itself is as effective as possible.

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