“This is the future of board reporting.”

~ John Browett, NED, easyJet


“From a transparency perspective, things have improved in the board meetings themselves, it's much more of a two-way conversation between the board and the executive team.”
~ Graeme Barron, VP Legal

Financial Services

“Board Intelligence has an impressive reputation across all sectors.”
~ Julian Baddeley, Deputy Co Sec

Financial Services

“Board meetings run more effectively and more professionally.”
~ Annie Woodward, Director and Company Secretary


“This has changed the way we talk about our business in the boardroom.”
~ Steve Holliday, CEO

Membership Bodies

“A modern way of being paperless, more productive and efficient in the boardroom.”
~ Paul Drechsler, Chairman

Financial Services

“The feedback has been great. People are saving hours out of their days.”
~ Gavin Bergin, Company Secretary


“The feedback was ‘Wow!’ This is such a step change improvement.”
~ Darren Kamen, Deputy Company Secretary


“There’s more room on the agenda for the strategic issues we should focus on.”
~ Paula Carter, Director of Planning


“We have seen a reduction in the length of our board packs of 40–50%.”
~ Graham Mackenzie, Chief Officer


“Collating packs used to take 2 hours. Now it’s 20 minutes!”
~ Richard Atkinson, Clerk to the Governors

Private Equity

“The right board materials enable the meeting to focus on the right areas.”
~ Adam Holloway, Partner

Fund Administration

“We’re looking at a 20–25% time saving in creating the board packs.”
~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO


“The board portal has made the reporting cycle simpler, more cost effective and efficient.”
~ John Hayward, CEO


“I have no hesitation in recommending Board Intelligence to other people.”
~ Jocelyn Stuart-Grumbar, Clerk


“It has enabled our board to make better informed decisions.”
~ Maisie Bassingthwaite, Clerk
Who uses Board Intelligence?
We support listed, privately owned, and public sector clients including: