Why Are Boards Using Board Intelligence?

In their own words

“This is the future of board reporting”

~ John Browett, NED, easyJet

Financial Services

“Board Intelligence has an impressive reputation across all sectors”
~ Julian Baddeley, Deputy Co Sec


“This has changed the way we talk about our business in the boardroom”
~ Steve Holliday, CEO

Membership Bodies

“A modern way of being paperless, more productive and efficient in the boardroom.”
~ Paul Drechsler, Chairman

Financial Services

“The feedback has been great. People are saving hours out of their days.”
~ Gavin Bergin, Company Secretary


“The feedback was ‘Wow!’ This is such a step change improvement.”
~ Darren Kamen, Deputy Company Secretary


“The toolkit is a revelation… it’s driving better decision making.”
~ Kevin Gilliland, Network Director


“There’s more room on the agenda for the strategic issues we should focus on.”
~ Paula Carter, Director of Planning


“We have seen a reduction in the length of our board packs of 40–50%.”
~ Graham Mackenzie, Chief Officer


“Collating packs used to take 2 hours. Now it’s 20 minutes!”
~ Richard Atkinson, Clerk to the Governors

Private Equity

“The right board materials enable the meeting to focus on the right areas.”
~ Adam Holloway, Partner

Fund Administration

“We’re looking at a 20–25% time saving in creating the board packs.”
~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO


“The board portal has made the reporting cycle simpler, more cost effective and efficient.”
~ John Hayward, CEO


“I have no hesitation in recommending Board Intelligence to other people”
~ Jocelyn Stuart-Grumbar, Clerk


“It has enabled our board to make better informed decisions”
~ Maisie Bassingthwaite, Clerk

What Are The Outcomes?



Increased effectiveness of their meetings



Write reports quicker and more easily

Pack Managers


Time saved producing board packs

Who Uses Board Intelligence?

We support listed, privately owned and public sector clients including: