How JTC achieved 25% time-saving with the Board Intelligence portal

Case study

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“We’re looking at a 20–25% time saving in creating the board packs… the product sells itself!”

~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO, JTC

The challenge: mass board pack production demands

JTC, the global financial services firm, assembles between 50–100 board packs a month across its 2,500+ private, institutional, and funds clients.

To do so, JTC used a legacy product that didn’t interface well with its internal systems. Creating the board packs took a significant amount of time each month, and clients couldn’t access the board materials directly via an app.

“The system we were using before wasn’t particularly intuitive, and it was difficult to get information from our file shares onto the system.”

~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO, JTC

The solution: a streamlined board pack production system and board portal

JTC surveyed the market and chose to implement Board Intelligence’s board portal, as it provided everything they needed:

  1. A focused tool for creating and delivering board packs, with an architecture and permission set that could handle multi-client, multi-fund structures with multi-boarded directors.
  2. A professional client-facing app, building credibility with JTC’s clients.

“The functionality to create packs is now a lot better than what we were using, and the delivery to clients is a lot faster.”

~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO, JTC

The outcome: 25% time saving on 100 board packs a month

The Board Intelligence portal has delivered a 20–25% time-saving in creating JTC’s board packs compared with the previous solution in use, freeing up a significant amount of time.

It’s also made a material impact at JTC, with client relationships teams calling for it to be used more widely in the business and clients contacting JTC to request the use of Board Intelligence.


Board Intelligence is the only board portal with an architecture, permission set, and charging model designed for fund, trust, and corporate service providers. To find out what that looks like, click the below.

   Designed for Fund, Trust, and Corporate Service Providers.  With the Board Intelligence board portal, erovide your clients with the  first-class experience they expect, give your teams a tool to serve over 20%  more clients whilst still saving time, and turn a cost centre into a revenue  stream. Find out more

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