Corporate governance & compliance

Use governance as a driver of performance — not a box to be ticked.

78% of organisations provide templates and training. But only 36% rate their board packs as “Good”.

The problem isn’t the amount of governance. It’s the way we do it.

With regulation and reporting requirements on the rise — from ESG to SMC&R and s172 — governance can be seen as a handbrake on performance, as well as the cause of ballooning board packs.

But switch your mindset from “preventing bad things from happening” to “enabling good things to happen”, and governance can become one of your most powerful drivers of performance — as long as you give your organisation the right processes and tools for the job.

Are your governance tools and processes up to scratch?


Boards need to take time to make time

Where do boards mostly spend time — operations, governance, or strategy? We collaborated with Cambridge Judge to find out.


Templates and training won’t fix your board pack

Training and templates are governance teams’ go-to fixes. But those who stop there rarely see long-term improvements.

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Assess the quality of your board pack

Use this online tool designed with CGIUKI to find out how effective your board packs are and get personalised advice on how to improve.

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How much do board packs cost you?

Your board reporting likely costs more than you think. Find out how much with our calculator, jointly built with CGIUKI.

Learn from governance professionals who see things differently

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Equip your board, governance team, and management with the right tools to unlock organisation-wide performance


Board Portal

Keep reports secure, create board packs and agendas in minutes, ensure your board is on the same page, and streamline corporate governance with “the easiest-to-use board portal platform on the market.”


Agenda Planner

Take the complexity out of forward agendas. Plan your annual calendar, weigh where your board spends time, and proactively course-correct so that your board’s priorities, rather than convention, drive your organisation forward.



Manage document approvals directly from your Board Intelligence board portal and sign documents straight from the app. Perfect for approving minutes, signing motions and resolutions, or authorising a contract.



AI-powered management reporting software that helps you guide your management team’s thinking and writing, so that every report follows best practice and drives performance.

Deliver good governance, organisation-wide, with Lucia

Lucia combines the power of AI with the QDI Principle™ in the world’s first platform designed exclusively for business reporting — enabling everyone in your organisation to craft reports that evidence what they should whilst also spurring your business to action.

Discover Lucia

In action: how governance drives TSB’s customer focus

TSB is a leading UK retail bank with over 200 branches, five million customers, and 200 years of history. Faced with growing compliance requirements that prevented it from getting the most out of its directors, TSB partnered with Board Intelligence.

“Our papers are more customer-centric and it’s far easier to comply with Section 172.”

~ Keith Hawkins, Company Secretary, TSB

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