How TSB transformed their board papers with Board Intelligence

Case study

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TSB is a leading UK retail bank with over 200 branches, five million customers, and about 200 years of history.

What did TSB want to achieve?


TSB was conscious that the organisation’s reporting processes were preventing it from getting the full benefits of directors’ expertise around the boardroom table.

“You may want to bring something interesting to the board, but directors have a specific role to play. We needed to be able to ringfence their time and focus, and our board papers were just not conducive to that.”

~ Guy Dunlop, General Counsel, TSB

How did TSB improve its board reports with Board Intelligence?

The team at TSB took a two-pronged approach. First, they chose our board portal to streamline the process of collating, collaborating on, and circulating board packs. And second, they improved the quality of information being shared with directors, and therefore, the effectiveness of each meeting.

“The other providers out there offered a way of getting the papers onto a portal — but that was it. We wanted more. We wanted to be able to collaborate on packs before meetings. And we wanted help with producing concise yet informative papers, papers that enabled the board to focus where they added value.”

~ Keith Hawkins, Company Secretary, TSB

TSB was able to upskill its people, using a series of report writing workshops and templates, access to Board Intelligence’s on-demand library of training videos, plus ongoing expert support.

“Our contact at Board Intelligence is always available to answer questions and provide technical support — whether it’s the night ahead of a board meeting or an hour before. It really is a 24/7 response.”

~ Keith Hawkins, Company Secretary, TSB.

How have better board packs impacted TSB?

The benefits of working with Board Intelligence have been far-reaching for TSB:

A clearer focus on their customers and stronger compliance

“Thanks to your portal, templates, and training, our papers are more customer-centric and it’s far easier to comply with Section 172.”

~ Keith Hawkins, Company Secretary, TSB

A board that feels fully equipped to deliver value

“Your process and methodology for writing papers help us curate what goes to the board and makes the best use of their time.”

~ Guy Dunlop, General Counsel, TSB

Better conversations and informed decisions

“Thanks to your training and templates, we’ve cut down the length of the board packs and put the key messages and asks front and centre. This has enabled richer, yet focused debates and more informed decision making.”

~ Keith Hawkins, Company Secretary, TSB

“You’ve held our hands through a journey in several ways. You’ve understood what it is that we needed to do to improve the effectiveness of the board. Focusing on your model around the Board Papers was just brilliant.”

~ Guy Dunlop, General Counsel, TSB

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