How Waystone gained a day back of their working week with the Board Intelligence board portal

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Waystone is a leading global provider of governance, risk, and compliance services to the asset management industry, with a growing client base that relies on them for the timely and secure collation and distribution of the most confidential and critical documents in the company – the board pack.

What prompted Waystone to seek out a new approach to board pack management?

Following acquisitions, Waystone’s client base and internal company structure more than tripled in size. Their previous solution for collating and distributing board packs was manual, timely, and expensive.

And so, Waystone began their search for a board management solution that would let them leverage technology to deliver operational efficiencies. They wanted a solution that would allow them to service their growing client base, as well as their own internal boards, which ensured the data security of the board materials and that offered a premium client experience.

What led Waystone to Board Intelligence?

Having used Board Intelligence at a previous organisation, Mick Hackett - Director of Corporate Secretarial Services - invited us to showcase our board portal.

Waystone were impressed and quickly pivoted to us from a competitor product they were also considering. They liked how our technology and service offering fared for its functionality, client management, and support – and how it would help them deliver their vision of a best-in-class company secretarial offering and smoother board meeting process.

“Board Intelligence’s portal is clearly built to suit the needs of fund services teams.”

~ Wendy Twamley, Senior Director, Internal Corporate Secretarial Services

We structured a bespoke commercial arrangement that would grow and flex with Waystone, but that gave them certainty on costs to help with their forward budgeting.

“We needed a board portal that could grow with us. Board Intelligence was the only solution that could accommodate our growing list of clients, flexibly, and without compromising the quality of service that we offered.”

~ Mick Hackett, Director of Corporate Secretarial Services

From here, we set-up Waystone on our platform and developed a bespoke onboarding and roll-out plan for their team and clients.

What has been the outcome of working with Board Intelligence?

Operational efficiencies that help the team serve boards and clients better

Using Board Intelligence has saved Waystone’s company secretarial teams hours when compiling and distributing board packs, and removed the pain and hassle of late papers and last-minute agenda changes.

“With over 70 internal companies to administer, it would take my team days to build board packs…but now it takes just a few hours. We can now spend our time delivering value-add governance support to the wider business.”

~ Wendy Twamley, Senior Director, Internal Corporate Secretarial Services

“The Board Intelligence portal has brought many advantages including strong governance and security, paperless management of meetings and centralised and mobile access to board packs. It’s a great partnership.”

~ Mick Hackett, Director of Corporate Secretarial Services

A winning experience for clients

Board Intelligence has been launched at Waystone internally and across its entire global client portfolio. The client feedback has been resoundingly positive, with directors finding it takes minutes to master.

“The Board Intelligence portal has helped us leverage technology to transform the board meeting process. We’ve had fantastic feedback from clients, with some directors even reaching out to us proactively - having used the portal in the past - asking us to onboard them.”

~ Mick Hackett, Director of Corporate Secretarial Services

Our lightning-speed, granular search function means Waystone’s directors can quickly search across - and within - packs to find the information they need, whether it’s from two weeks or a year ago, and whether they’re on the go or off the grid.

Finally, both Waystone and its clients have access to our BI24 Team who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, providing UK-based support should they ever need an extra helping hand.

“Being able to connect with someone quickly – a human being, not a bot – to set out a problem or question was really good. It’s not something you see with many products and services in this day and age.”

~ Tim Madigan, Chair, Waystone

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