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Lucia sharpens your thinking, lands your message, and builds confidence in you and your team.

Analysis panel

Live feedback on your writing

Live feedback and real-time prompts help you improve the quality of your thinking and the impact of your writing as you go.

Lucia QDI Frameworks

QDI Frameworks

Templates that spark breakthrough insights

Build your paper around QDI-powered questions, proven to stimulate critical thinking and deliver insights your business will act on.

“The QDI Principle . . . forces our report writers to ask and answer the right questions, particularly questions around customer impact.”
~ Keith Hawkins, Head of Company Secretariat, TSB

data Integrations

Plug and play integrations for tools like Tableau and PowerBI

Well-visualised and timely data can be powerful. With Tableau and PowerBI integrations you can link real-time data dashboards into your paper making it quicker and easier to surface the data you need.


Who said reports can’t be beautiful and a joy to read?

An eye-catching, consistent, and easy-to-digest paper format helps you put your best case forward, whatever your design skills. And integrate video to add movement and interest, making your key points shine even brighter.


Get everyone on the same page, literally

It can take an army to finalise a report. With multi-author collaboration you can put your best minds to the task – getting input from the right people when you need it.

Lucia Exec Summary tool

Exec summary

An unbreakable formula that gets your key points across

Nobody likes searching for needles in a haystack. Our executive summary tool helps you put your key messages up front, focusing your reader on the points you need them to take away and act on.

“One of the benefits of the papers that we now have is that we can quickly get to the kernel of the conversation.”
~ David Roberts, Chair, Beazley


Starting every report with the value you want back

The framing tool links your report to your business’s big picture, and makes it clear how (and why) your reader should act on it, and the value and advice you want back from them – helping your plans gather momentum, not dust.

“We get to the crux of the discussion more quickly and make all the decisions we need.”
~ Exec, Reckitt
QDI in action

The QDI Principle in action

How our methodology helped this FTSE 100 drive agility

We helped a global consumer goods company to adopt the QDI Principle, fuelling faster, smarter, and more focused decision making.

“The BI approach makes a difference in how we operate as a business – for the better.”
~ Exec, Reckitt (FTSE 100)
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