Lucia, AI-powered management reporting software

Lucia, the thinking and writing tool created by Board Intelligence, helps you craft brilliantly clever and beautiful management reports that spur your business to action.

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Lucia: AI-powered management reporting platform demonstrating reporting improvements

Management reports that pack a punch

Boards and leadership teams need reports that are stacked full of razor-sharp thinking, focused on what matters most, and communicated with impact. Instead, they’re drowning in information and starved of insight. Lucia is the AI-powered management reporting platform that guides your team to deliver great papers every time — helping your business go further, faster.

“We get to the crux of the discussion more quickly and make all the decisions we need.”

~ Executive, Reckitt, FTSE 100 — read the case study

Lucia's management reporting interface providing insight to report writers

AI that guides your management team’s thinking and writing

Live feedback and real-time prompts that challenge your team to think more deeply as they craft their reports. Lucia’s AI-powered nudges ensure they:

  • Link to your organisation’s big picture.
  • Avoid blindspots in your analysis and plans.
  • Deliver insight you can act on.

“Lucia has really helped me write meaningful, well-structured reports. The AI guides me to think about what I want to say and the key messages to get across.”

~ Catherine Schlieben, Group Head of Performance & Development, NationalGrid

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Lucia's auto-summarisation tool helps writers compose more effective executive summaries

Smart editing tools for reports half the size and twice the impact

Lucia’s smart AI-powered editing tools help your team refine and land their message:

  • Cut the word count and make reports easier to read with Lucia’s Simplify and Make Concise tools.
  • Auto-Summarisation builds powerful executive summaries that put the key points up front.
Lucia demonstrating how QDI principle benefits users writing management reports

Templates to get your management reports off to a flying start

Build papers around Question Driven Insight™, a methodology proven to stimulate critical thinking that your business will act on. Guided by Lucia’s smart templating system, your management team can focus their reports on the questions you want them to grapple with — the ones that shift the needle.

“The QDI Principle . . . forces our report writers to ask and answer the right questions, particularly questions around customer impact.”

~ Keith Hawkins, Head of Company Secretariat, TSB — watch the video

Lucia integrating with business intelligence tools such as Tableau and PowerBI

Embed business intelligence tools into your management reports

Well-visualised and timely data can be powerful. Lucia, our management reporting platform, unlocks this with Tableau and PowerBI integrations that link real-time data dashboards directly into your papers.

Who said management reports can’t be beautiful & a joy to read?

Papers created in Lucia are eye-catching, consistent, and easy-to-digest — no design skills required. Lucia also integrates video into reports, helping your management team to bring their messages to life.

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Lucia provides teams with a platform to collaborate on reports

Get everyone on the same page with asynchronous collaboration

Whether you’re writing a finance update or a business case, it can take an army to finalise a report. With multi-author collaboration you can put your best minds to the task, making sure you get input from the right people when you need it.

Demonstration of how Lucia provides insights and improves management reports

A formula for executive summaries that puts the key points up front, every time

Nobody likes searching for needles in a haystack — or for insights in a management paper. Lucia’s Executive Summary tool helps writers to put their key messages up front, focusing decision-makers on the points they need to take away and act on.

“One of the benefits of the papers that we now have is that we can quickly get to the kernel of the conversation.”

~ David Roberts, Chair, Beazley

Lucia helping report writers write better executive summaries with focus on what matters

Start every report with the value you want back

Lucia’s Framing tool connects every management report to your business’s big picture. A simple report structure ensures writers are thinking about your organisation’s goals and what they need to do to achieve them — so your plans gather momentum, not dust.

See the QDI Principle in action

The QDI Principle In Action

How our methodology helped this FTSE 100 drive agility

We helped a global consumer goods company to adopt the QDI Principle, fuelling faster, smarter, and more focused decision making.

“The BI approach makes a difference in how we operate as a business — for the better.”

~ Executive, Reckitt, FTSE 100

Read The Case Study

Use Lucia to drive pace and performance

Join the management reporting revolution, with AI-powered technology to embed Board Intelligence’s QDI Principle. Lucia is the world’s first management reporting software designed to deliver great management reports that spur your business to action.

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