In 50 years, what kind of world will our children be living in? Would we be proud of the role we’ve played in shaping it? We know many business leaders share our vision that business and boards are a powerful force for good, and have appetite to do more. We created the Board Intelligence Think Tank for those leaders: a change-oriented community of business leaders and free thinkers who are coming together to shape a better future for all. Sign up below to join our events, be inspired by fresh content, and have your say. 

Dr Scarlett Brown

Director, Board Intelligence Think Tank

Ongoing research

What is the role of the CFO in creating a fairer future?

We're partnering with the ICAEW and Odgers Berndtson to launch an inquiry into the CFO's role in creating a fairer future. 

Our research explores the changing role of the CFO, how CFOs approach social and economic global challenges like the cost-of-living crisis, geopolitical unrest, and climate risk. We'll be asking how CFOs can address these topics in thier day-to-day, and how we balance trade-offs between short term priorities and long-term business sustainability.

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Create a fairer future

The Fairer Future inquiry

Find out what keeps our community of business leaders awake at night, and what it will take to create a fairer future for all.

“I honestly don’t know a business leader who doesn’t see that there are major issues on inequality, and that it may get even worse.”
~ Sir Mike Rake, former Chair, BT Group, Worldpay
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“The sooner you start to think about your legacy and what you’ll be remembered for, the more likely you are to start thinking about things that have lasting impacts into the future, as opposed to short-term success and KPIs.”
~ Steve Holliday, Chair of Cityfibre and Vice Chair of Business in the Community