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Convert notes and transcripts into meeting minutes with purpose-built AI.

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What if putting together meeting minutes took, well… minutes?

With Minute Writer, you can turn your meeting notes and transcripts into board, committee, and meeting minutes in just a few clicks. Get fit-for-purpose, properly formatted minutes with an AI tool that’s been built with governance professionals, by board experts, and keeps your data private at all times.

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Turn notes or transcripts into ready-to-go, formatted minutes

Minute Writer takes the tedium out of minute-writing, so you can focus on what matters.

  • Automatically build your minutes template using your meeting’s agenda.
  • Convert your transcript or notes into best-practice minutes using Minute Writer’s purpose-built AI.
  • Quickly tailor your minutes to each forum by choosing from a library of approved preset formats.

With the help of a governance-focused AI that you can trust

No ChatGPT here. Minute Writer’s AI is designed by board experts, with the help of governance professionals, to produce meeting minutes — and nothing else.

It’s built, hosted, and administered by us, with no call-outs to third-party AI tools. And because it follows the same privacy and security practices as Lucia’s AI, your data remains your data and will never be shared, saved by the AI, or used for training.

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