Collective intelligence

The smartest thing leaders can do is to build a business that’s smarter than they are.

Only 12% of leaders are happy with the quality of thinking throughout their organisations.

It’s not enough for individuals to be clever

88% of leaders say they don’t have the quality of thinking they need in their organisation. That’s not because they lack smart people — rather, it’s because they don’t systematically tap into the brainpower at their disposal.

The good news? There’s a recipe that can help leaders translate individual intelligence into collective intelligence. And it takes just three ingredients: critical thinking, brilliant communication, and focus on what matters.

Is your team delivering more than the sum of its smarts?


What’s collective intelligence and why does it matter?

Leaders often assume they can get their whole organisation thinking and acting smart by hiring for IQ. But individual intelligence doesn’t translate into collective intelligence.


What’s slowing businesses down?

Few business leaders say they’re moving as fast as they’d like to — and that’s because only 12% have the quality of thinking they need throughout their organisation.


3 capabilities every business needs to move faster

Businesses like Lego and Amazon seem to break free of the shackles of scale. Why are they able to stay nimble and innovate at pace while their competitors languish in bureaucracy?

Follow this simple recipe to turn individual intelligence into collective intelligence


How to turn critical thinking into a superpower

Deep, critical thinking is a skill we’re all capable of. And opportunities to hone it are hiding in plain sight in every business.


3 communication habits your business needs

Communicating well is hard and most of us are not very good at it. The good news? Bad habits can be unlearned.


How to build a business that can spin on a sixpence

92% of business leaders admit they often lose sight of big-picture goals. How can we get better at focusing on what matters?


The Question Driven Insight Principle

The QDI Principle is a methodology for building the three skills that fuel the world’s most enduringly successful businesses.

And do it at scale with Lucia, our thinking and writing tool

Lucia combines the power of AI with the QDI Principle™ — a methodology for building critical thinking, great communication, and focus. It’s the world’s first platform designed exclusively for business reporting, enabling everyone in your organisation to craft brilliantly clever reports that spur your business to action.

Discover Lucia

In action: how question-driven insight underpins Keller’s reports

Keller is the world’s largest geotechnical specialist contractor, helping to build everything from schools to football stadiums. Having doubled in size in just a decade, Keller partnered with Board Intelligence to get the most of its many, geographically dispersed report writers.

“The Board and I have found the new reports to be clear, well-balanced and of high quality, giving us the right level of information we need to shape our thinking and actions.”

~ Peter Hill CBE, Group Chairman, Keller Group

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