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“Board Intelligence is one of the few pieces of technology that feels like it’s been written by the end-user. It’s so intuitive.”

~ Robert Burgess, NED, OakNorth Bank - Read the case study

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Why do we care about all this?

Because by changing the information flowing up and down a company, we change the conversation.

Early in our careers, we both spent time in corporate boardrooms and two things surprised us.

Firstly, most business leaders were much more socially-minded than we expected. Sure, they wanted to make money. But they also wanted to do right by society. And the conversations they wanted to have in the boardroom were well-matched with what the man on the street would have wished for.

Secondly, and surprisingly, board and leadership meetings were not set up to enable this. They were flooded with backwards-looking, financial and operational information – and information drives the conversation.

Our mission is to fix this: to enable our clients to focus on what matters most, have the conversations that they’ve always wanted, and help board and leadership teams to be powerful drivers of performance and a force for good.

~ Jennifer Sundberg & Pippa Begg, Co-CEOs, Board Intelligence

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