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Quality over quantity

Board packs are getting longer but not better. Preparing report packages for the board is costing a lot of time and money, and they usually end up missing the mark on what the board really needs by focusing on data over insights.

This creates frustrations for both management teams and board members who sometimes feel like board meetings are inherently inefficient.

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“There are three questions every board should ask. Do I really know what is going on? Are we focusing on the right things? And are we asking the right questions?”

~ Michael O’Higgins, Chair

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Where boards want to be

Board reports that are half the size but have twice the impact

Board Intelligence has reviewed thousands of board papers across every sector, size and type of company. We’ve found that you don’t need to be a poet to write effective board reports. You simply need to follow a more streamlined process that will align data and insights with what the board needs.

“The effect on the process of writing, reviewing and refining reports has been life-changing”

~ Graham Donoghue, CEO, Sykes Cottages

5 Simple Steps to Board Pack Success

A great board pack should drive strategic conversations and enable the board to make well-informed decisions.

Follow 5 simple steps to create impactful board packs by downloading our free guide.

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From data overload to effective board reporting

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Enhance collaboration between management and board

Having a clear brief from the start will avoid the panic of re-writing board papers at the last minute. The Board Intelligence briefing tool provides a templated brief that has to be completed by the person requiring the information. The tool also allows for easy collaboration to quickly clarify any doubts and give feedback by adding notes and comments directly in the report.

Board Report templates

Learn how to write great reports

You needn’t be born a great writer to become one. Board Intelligence provides a library of templates that make it quick and easy for writers to produce insight-rich reports for the board, from key decision papers to data rich performance updates. Training and practice are key to improving, that’s why we’ve also put together a great library of best practice resources accessible online.

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Start focusing on what matters

Efficient board reports enable the board to make better decisions by focusing on what matters most. Open collaboration, streamlined tools and training will reduce the time and money spent on creating board reports. In turn, helping management to create insightful board packages that the board will want to read. Why not book a free demo to see efficient board reporting in action?

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Over 20,000 leaders rely on Board Intelligence to produce efficient board reports and focus their meetings on what matters. Our clients include the largest listed companies through to government departments, public bodies and charities, to smaller privately owned and private equity backed businesses.

We’re proud of the fact that 70% of our growth is driven by client referrals. We’re told this is because we put your needs first – and we take time to help ensure the platform is right for you. In turn, this means we get to work with some of these great organisations:

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