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Build Agility

Make your business go faster

These days it’s not the big that eat the small, but the fast that eats the slow.

Use the QDI Principle to strengthen the critical thinking and writing skills at every level of your organisation and empower your people to make smarter, faster decisions.

  • Proposals that speed up decision-making and reduce missteps.
  • Performance reports that flush out the challenges, so you can stay two steps ahead of them.
  • Actionable insights that call out the “So what?” in every report.

“We get to the crux of the discussion more quickly & make all the decisions we need, whilst consistently running early.”

~ Trade Marketing Director, Reckitt
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Focus your CEO report

focus on what matters

Unlock your board’s potential

“Don’t tell me everything you know. Tell me what I need to know.” This is the key to a great board paper. And boards rely on high-quality information to drive high-quality decisions.

Embed the QDI Principle, a system of critical thinking and writing, to put the questions that matter to your board at the heart of every paper.

  • Lift your board out of the weeds.
  • Spend more time on strategy.
  • Plug the blindspots.
“Life changing! . . . We now spend the vast majority of our board meeting on strategy and value-creation.”
Graham Donoghue, CEO, Sykes Cottages
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Clear reporting that considers stakeholders

Walk Your Talk

Shape & align your culture

Culture is made real by the questions we ask when we judge performance and make tough choices. Put those questions at the heart of your reporting framework.

  • Performance reports that reflect the mission and purpose of your firm.
  • A system that draws out unvarnished reporting, breeding trust and openness.
  • Proposals that consider their impact on all stakeholder groups.

“This has changed the way we talk about our business.”

~ CEO, National Grid

How it works

Board Intelligence combines a technology platform, the QDI Principle, and a specialist team to ensure the perfect fit across your organisation.

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