Seamless electronic signatures, all within your board portal — no third parties needed.

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Board Intelligence’s e-Signatures tool

Minutes, motions, or resolutions… just sign on the dotted line

With e-Signatures, manage document approvals directly from your Board Intelligence board portal and sign documents straight from the app. Perfect for approving minutes, signing motions and resolutions, or authorising a contract.

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Easy drag and drop e-Signature requests

Request e-signatures as you build your board packs

Tasked with collecting signatures? No need to export documents outside of your secure board portal anymore. You can request signatures from the same place you build your board packs, keep track of who’s signed what and when, and send reminders.

All it takes is selecting the document for approval and tagging who should sign and where, and your board members will get automatically notified.

Sign your documents from the Board Intelligence app

Sign and approve from the Board Intelligence app

Asked to put your signature to a document? No more messing with PDFs or juggling with multiple applications and passwords. Use the same Board Intelligence app you’re already using to read board papers to see what requires your approval and sign it in just a few taps.

See all your e-Signature requests and send reminders

Keep everything in one secure place, with no need for third-party signature providers

No extra software (and procurement) required. The Board Intelligence platform handles your electronic signatures from start to finish.

The signing process also follows UK eIDAS guidance, with precise timestamps, detailed audit trail, and encryption that guarantees that documents cannot be tampered with without invalidating signatures. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re both compliant and efficient.

Available on the Board Intelligence board portal

e-Signatures is part of the Board Intelligence board portal, a highly secure platform where board members can view, comment, and collaborate on their board documents — in real-time and on any device.

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