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What do 54 Guernsey cows have to do with Aztec Group?

“There's a reason we've worked with Board Intelligence since 2016.”

~ Matt Horton, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Aztec Group

Key takeaways

  • A board portal can deliver tangible environmental benefits. In 2023 alone, Aztec Group saved as much paper as 6 African elephants weigh.
  • A more efficient secretariat with a streamlined process for compiling and publishing board packs, managed from their board portal.
  • An easy-to-use board portal app for directors that enables collaboration.

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How many sheets of A4 paper does it take to manage €600bn+ of assets through 4,500 entities?

In the case of global fund and corporate services provider Aztec Group, the answer is 5 million pages. That’s 24 tonnes of reports and 8 million litres of water — or 54 Guernsey cows and 3 (and a bit) Olympic-sized swimming pools! Or rather, it would be, if Aztec Group hadn’t made the decision to work with Board Intelligence.

What did Aztec Group want to achieve?

In 2016, Aztec Group were dissatisfied with their board portal. Pack production was unnecessarily arduous, with elements such as page numbering and contents page all done manually, and late papers or mistakes in a report had to be corrected by hand. As the secretariat spent up to 70 hours each week creating board packs, there was little time left to create the kind of differentiated, value-adding service that Aztec Group wanted to offer their clients.

To remedy this, and remain true to Aztec Group’s “high-touch, high-tech” operating model, they wanted a more modern and feature-complete board portal that’d streamline reporting processes. But that portal also had to accommodate the fund and corporate service provider industry’s specific needs, such as multi-client, multi-fund structures with multi-boarded directors.

Why did Aztec Group partner with Board Intelligence?

Over the last 8 years, Aztec Group has been a true partner of Board Intelligence – engaging in product roadmap sessions to help us design and create the only board portal optimised for the fund and corporate services industry. For instance, the Board Intelligence portal’s permissions structure is intricate enough to offer segregated bookcases for each entity and granular permissions for the secretariat and fund directors alike, to keep everything secure, clear, and flexible.

There’s a reason we’ve worked with Board Intelligence since 2016: they grasp the intricacies of the fund services market and their board portal is hands down the best solution that meets the needs of our growing organisation and global client base.

~ Matt Horton, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Aztec Group

By partnering with Board Intelligence, Aztec Group has seen tangible environmental benefits. Through using the Board Intelligence secure app to distribute board packs to its thousands of entities, Aztec Group saved as much paper as 6 African elephants weigh — in 2023 alone!

What are the other benefits for corporate service providers working with Board Intelligence

With Board Intelligence, the Aztec Group team have saved hours when compiling packs thanks to its time-saving features such as drag-and-drop agendas, auto-updating timings, and late additions/amendments that don’t lose annotations.

Aztec Group’s fund directors have also enjoyed the move to Board Intelligence, finding the app easy to use, share notes, and ask questions before board meetings — and are now confident they always have the latest version of a pack. For multi-boarded directors, the app also offers a simple experience that doesn’t require multiple log-ins.

What else?

If you’d like to read more about the environmental work Aztec Group is doing, click here.

And if you’d like to calculate the efficiency savings you could have from using a board portal, click here.

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