“Key insights, learnings and implications are easier to identify”


~ Trade Marketing Director

What was the challenge?
Meetings effected by information overload

Reckitt prides itself on placing employee wellness at the heart of its operations. So, when the General Manager of the UK Health Team identified some potential risks to wellbeing - in the shape of meeting fatigue and reporting overload - they decided to act swiftly. Together, Reckitt and Board Intelligence rolled out a smarter meeting model across the UK Health division. This model aimed to boost employee morale and improve work/life balance.

Meeting preparation becoming a time sink

Employees spent up to 17 hours writing reports. Because they weren’t clear about what should be covered – they ended up over-reporting and duplicating work.

Not enough of the right information

Unclear briefs led to reports that contained too much of the wrong information. Insights were hard to extract, hindering informed decision making.

Meeting fatigue across the team

Lengthy reports and information overload meant that meetings often overran and lacked direction.

The solution
Time-saving templates and clearer briefing

The team began using templates to define each paper’s scope, along with a briefing tool that made clear what different reports needed to include.

Training to embed best practice writing habits

Employees were trained on the principles of high impact reporting, presenting data intelligently, and meeting facilitation. This training included detailed qualitative feedback on their papers.

Papers that allow for effective preparation

UK team members spend less time dissecting information and clarifying points of uncertainty during meetings.

The impact
Quality papers for focused meetings
Better quality papers in less time

Since working with us, members of the UK team told us that they feel clearer on what to include (and what to leave out) and that they spend less time writing reports.

Insights that fuel informed decision-making

The UK team now produce better board papers with actionable insights. Our on-demand training courses allow for continued improvement.

Fewer, more focused meetings

The team now say that their meetings are shorter, more strategic and produce better outcomes.

How did we make a difference?

Shorter Sharper Papers

reduction in paper length
From 30 to 6 pages on average

“The new approach makes you realise how much you don't actually need!”
~ UK team member
Better Quality Insights

improvement in paper quality
Paper quality went from 2/10 before implementation to 8/10 afterwards

“The BI approach makes a difference in how we operate as a business - for the better.”
~ Brand Manager
Less Time in Meetings

saved per
agenda item
With lengthy presentations no longer required, each agenda item runs 10mins early

“We get to the crux of the discussion more quickly & make all the decisions we need, whilst consistently running early”
~ Trade Marketing Director