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Ensure Your Board Meeting Is Focused On What Matters Most

Ensure your board meeting is focused on what matters most
Start as you mean to go on
A successful board meeting starts long before the boardroom. At its beginning lies the need for a clear set of priorities that become the foundation for your board’s agenda.
Agenda Planner ensures you have the time and space to focus on what’s important and that it aligns to your organisation’s purpose, goals and underlying business drivers.
Why it matters


Habit & convention are derailing your board meeting

Too often the status quo dictates the board agenda. An increase in compliance and regulation, coupled with 2/3 of the board meetings spent on supervisory discussion means you have a perfect storm where steering, strategy and the broader stakeholder debate are being squeezed out.


“We would use our time better if we abandoned the ‘high church’ rituals. Wasting the first half an hour reviewing minutes & matters arising does little to set the scene for a rich debate.”

~ Sir Kenneth Olisa, Chair



Build a forward calendar that puts your board’s priorities at its heart

Agenda Planner lets you create your next 12-18 months of board meeting agendas by aligning your board's time to your organisational priorities. By focusing your agendas you'll have more time to spend on the things that matter, and you can be confident that your priorities, not due process, are driving the future of your organisation.


“Translating our priorities to agendas gives the board and me confidence we’ll use our time well.”

~ John Pettigrew, CEO, National Grid

How it works

Effortlessly master not just one, but multiple agendas

With the ease of drag and drop you can move agenda items seamlessly between meetings and with automatic timing updates you can juggle time as needed. So when those inevitable unforeseen changes crop up you don’t have to hire a data scientist to help you find space in your agendas.


Make sure your board’s conversation isn’t one sided

Too much of one thing is never a good thing, especially in board meetings. With agenda statistics you can see at a glance where your board might be spending too much or too little time.

Ensure alignment across your meeting forums

Agenda items rarely come to the board in isolation. They will often have been tabled at a management meeting or committee forum first. Agenda items can be linked so that any movement of them in one forum triggers an automatic reminder about the impact on other forums, making the web of agenda planning easy to navigate.


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