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Board Management Software that accelerates performance and drives purpose

Whether you’re looking for a board portal for simple, secure access to board packs or want to transform the board conversation with high-impact agendas and papers, Board Intelligence will deliver what your board needs.

How Board Intelligence works

Agenda Planner

Focus your board where it matters most

  • Strike the balance on your agendas between strategy and governance with our Six Conversations Model.
  • View all your forward-agendas in one place and drag and drop for instant edits.
  • Connect and align your forums and committees with Agenda Linking.
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Frameworks & Templates

Board papers that give you exactly what you need

  • Library of high-impact report templates, powering better board conversations.
  • Executive summaries that deliver the key points on a page.
  • Performance report templates that demand an unvarnished account of the past and the outlook.
  • A decision-making framework that helps management develop critical thinking and present robust proposals to the board.
  • Dashboards that pull out the metrics that matter.
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The Board Intelligence Portal

“The smartest, simplest board portal on the market”

  • Simple, uncluttered, and intuitive navigation.
  • One-click publishing with full access control — choose who sees what.
  • Easy republishing, for last-minute papers and changes.
  • Your complete library of board packs for easy search and cross-referencing.
  • Online and offline access to all your board packs on Windows 10, MacOS, iPad and iPhone.
  • 24/7 access for your board to “the most responsive support team of all our vendors globally.” *

*Stuart Geddes, IT Director, Ocorian

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Set your meetings up for success before you enter the room

  • Share draft agendas with the board for comment.
  • Hold secure conversations in-app before the meeting, to clarify, question, and challenge.
  • E-sign formal documents ahead of time, reserving meeting time for conversation not administration.

The Virtual Board

Hold effective meetings, wherever you are

  • Seamless and secure videoconferencing integration with Teams, Zoom, Webex, and all major providers.
  • Split-screen to display your video call on the one side and your board pack on the other.
  • E-signatures to approve and sign documents remotely.
  • Original research and guidance to optimise your remote board meetings.

Reporting & Analytics

Measure where time is spent

  • Agenda tagging to highlights gaps on the board’s agenda.
  • Instant analytics to evidence to investors and regulators how your board spends its time.

Stakeholder & Purpose

Focus on who matters

  • Stakeholder tagging and analytics, to track how your board spends its time across each key stakeholder group.
  • Company dashboards that reflect shareholder and wider stakeholder goals, communicating the metrics that matter on a page.
  • Reporting templates that help management and the board balance the interests of key stakeholder groups.

industry-leading Security

Protect your most-sensitive information

  • Remote-wipe all data from lost devices — for extra peace of mind.
  • Control access and set granular permissions for who sees what.
  • The highest-quality UK data centres (ISO 27001 & 9001-certified), approved for hosting UK Government data.

Professional development

Helping you thrive in challenging times

  • Live and on-demand tutorials via the Board Intelligence Academy.
  • Events programme and news round-ups that keep you up to date with the big topics on the board agenda.
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Join the boards focused on what matters

Over 20,000 leaders rely on Board Intelligence. Our clients include the largest listed companies through to government departments, public bodies, and charities to smaller privately owned and private equity-backed businesses.
We’re proud of the fact that 65% of our growth is driven by client referrals. We’re told this is because we put your needs first — and we take time to help ensure the platform is right for you. In turn, we get to work with these great organisations:

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