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Bespoke solutions for your boardroom

Improve the effectiveness of your board

We help boards have more focused and productive conversations by ensuring they receive the information that matters. We understand that every organisation is unique and we provide the following services to focus on your individual needs.

Board Priorities

Align your board pack to what matters:

  • Focus your board
  • Maximise value from each meeting

Board Packs

Tailor best practice for your board:

  • Get more insight in fewer pages
  • Plug the blindspots

Report Writing Training

Embed the skills for high quality reports:

  • Write with confidence & impact
  • Save time & avoid re-drafts

Board Priorities

Productive Meetings

Focus on what matters

Information drives the board conversation. But it’s easy for the contents of a board pack to be shaped by habit and convention rather than the priorities of the board.

Using our Six Conversations Model we clarify your board’s priorities and align the forward calendar of papers, helping your board to have the conversations it wants to be having and stay focused on what matters.

“In the first meeting after the work Board Intelligence did with us we had a more productive and valuable conversation” ~ Chris Baker, Chairman, Nisa
Board Priorities UI

Board Packs

Effective board materials

Reports that answer the right questions

Board reports are often heavily backward looking, introspective and operational. And as one director said, “you wouldn’t drive a car by looking in the rear view mirror”.

We evaluate your reports against best practice and then develop bespoke reports that look forward as often as they look back, offering an insightful view on what is driving value creation.

“Board Intelligence have translated the breadth and scope of the business into insightful reporting, greatly improving our decision making processes” ~ Paul Sullivan, Finance Director, Network Rail

Board Pack Evaluation

We'll show you how your pack stacks up against your peers


We'll help you select the measures that matter

Report Templates

We'll design reports which reveal the drivers of performance

Report Writing Training

Higher quality reports

You needn’t be born a great writer to become one

Great writing can seem like a dark art — the preserve of a lucky and talented few. But it doesn’t have to be.

We have developed tools that make it quick and easy for anyone to prepare a great paper for their board, and through our interactive workshops your team will learn when and how to apply them.

“This will have a major impact. Thank you for inspiring the team” ~ Simon Webster, Finance Director, Nisa

Effective Reports

Learn what 'good' looks like in board reporting

Robust Reports

Craft a well-structured paper that stands up to inspection

Data Visualisation

Present data that delivers insight and impact

Looking for a more immediate solution?

Write is our board reporting toolkit, containing best practice templates and training tools that your team can access instantly.