Introducing Agenda Planner

Product update

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Our recent article, Agenda planning — Are you prioritising your priorities?, tackles the challenges around making every minute of your board meeting count and shows how improving your agenda planning is one of the quickest wins.

At Board Intelligence, our vision is of organisations where leaders are enabled to use their power to drive the best possible outcomes for their organisations and wider society. Our platform lets you concentrate time on what’s important and make sure it aligns to your purpose, goals, and underlying business drivers.

That’s why we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new product tool, Agenda Planner, within the Board Intelligence platform.

Agenda Planner places your organisational priorities at the heart of your meetings and ensures you stay focused on them. This is the first technology tool that allows you to plan your board’s time based on your priorities, move agenda items seamlessly between meetings, link agenda items across forums, and analyse whether you’re using your time as planned.

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