The Board Intelligence Think Tank, in partnership with the ICAEW and Odgers Berndtson, have launched an inquiry asking, what is the CFO's role in creating a fairer, sustainable future?

“The CFO is critical. If you don’t have the CFO’s buy in, there’s no point in trying to start doing purpose... the finance department can block things every which way they want...” - Dame Carolyn McCall, CEO, ITV plc

CFOs can be the change maker or the barrier. Social and economic challenges - like the cost-of -living crisis, geopolitical unrest, and climate change and its risks - are fast becoming issues that impact the bottom line. For finance professionals, that makes fairness and sustainability simply part of the job.

We're bringing together leading CFOs from across sectors to gather ideas, develop insights and help CFOs to prepare for these challenges in thier day-to-day. See below for how you can get involved

Dr Scarlett Brown

Director, Board Intelligence Think Tank

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How can and should the CFO be involved in creating a fairer future? Is your role aligned with your own — and your company’s — purpose and values? Or is it irresponsible to spend shareholder funds on philanthropic aims? Complete the survey to let us know your views. 

Twenty years ago, few CFOs were spending  time thinking about issues like climate or social justice. Today that is simply no longer the case. 
~ Sally Lake, Group Chief Financial Officer, Beazley plc
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“The sooner you start to think about your legacy and what you’ll be remembered for, the more likely you are to start thinking about things that have lasting impacts into the future.”
~ Steve Holliday, Chair of Cityfibre and Vice Chair of Business in the Community