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Lucia is a revolutionary reporting platform that provides your board of directors with insightful, actionable board papers driving strategic direction and effective decisions.

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Board Effectiveness Platform

72% of board members say their board papers are failing them.*

*Board Intelligence’s board reporting assessment tool

Too Long

“I'm drowning in information.”

Information Dump

“It’s all information, no insight.”

Lack Purpose

“What do I do with this?”

An Obstacle

“We take decisions too slowly.”

How does Lucia help?

Lucia Executive Summary for performance report

A life jacket for boards drowning in information

Half the size, twice the impact — reports in Lucia cut straight to the point. And Lucia’s powerful executive summaries help you quickly and easily grasp the key takeaways from any management paper.

A Lucia board paper with QDI questions

Board reports packed with insight, not needless data

No more information for information’s sake. At the heart of Lucia’s decision papers and performance reports is the QDI Principle, a methodology that helps your management teams ask (and answer) the right questions to drive your business forward.

There are three questions every board should ask. Do I really know what is going on? Are we focusing on the right things? And are we asking the right questions?

~ Keith Hawkins, Head of Company Secretariat, TSB

Helping managment teams to frame the context of their paper

Replacing “what should I be doing with this?” for “let’s do this!”

Lucia helps your team frame their papers around the conversation it should stimulate and the precise question for the reader to chew over. The framing tool links your report to your business’s big picture and clarifies how (and why) your reader should act on it — helping your plans gather momentum, not dust.

A business case proposal template

Proposals that get your board and their decisions up to speed

QDI Frameworks help your team craft proposals that cover all the bases without writing war and peace — so you and your board can navigate around the risks and make the most of timely opportunities.

A board paper that looks to the future

Reporting that puts strategy back on the board meeting agenda

On average, boards spend only 32% of their meeting time on strategy, the rest of time is spent on performance and governance. Lucia guides report authors to strike the balance between looking back and looking forward, the good news and the bad, so your board conversations can follow suit — not looking in the rearview mirror but focused on the road ahead.

Scrolling through management report created with Lucia

A squint-free, frown-free report format across your board packs

Lucia's board reports have it all: slick tables, consistent formatting, and easily digestible content mixed with embedded video and interactive data integrations, like PowerBI, all in a beautiful design that’s easy on the eye.

Use Lucia to drive pace and performance

See why boards use Lucia to unlock breakthrough insights and land them with impact — in the boardroom and at every level of their business.

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See the QDI Principle in action

The QDI Principle In Action

See how Beazley used QDI to unlock strategic conversation

We helped the global specialist insurance business to adopt the QDI Principle, fuelling faster, smarter, and more strategic decision making.

“One of the benefits of the papers that we now have is that we can quickly get to the kernel of the conversation.”

~ David Roberts, Chair, Beazley

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