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The Board Intelligence Portal

"The smartest, simplest, portal on the market."

  • Simple, uncluttered, and intuitive navigation.
  • One-click publishing with full access control — choose who sees what. Easy republishing, for last-minute papers and changes.
  • Your complete library of board packs for easy search and cross-referencing.
    Online and offline access to all your board packs on Windows 10, MacOS, iPad and iPhone.
    24/7 access for your board to “the most responsive support team of all our vendors globally.” *
    *Stuart Geddes, IT Director, Ocorian

Whether you’re looking for a board portal for simple, secure access to board packs or want to transform the board conversation with high-impact agendas and papers, Board Intelligence will deliver what your board needs.

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The Board Intelligence Platform

Keep Your Stakeholders In Focus

With the Board Intelligence platform, it’s easy to ensure your stakeholders are at the heart of every board discussion and decision. Find out how Board Intelligence can help you embed your stakeholders into every aspect of your board meeting from the board agenda through to board papers and external reporting.

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