Scoring CTA - TOFU

In conversation with Sir Ken Olisa, Rob Whiteman, Kura Dione-Warren, & Chinwe Odimba-Chapman

Social movements are now moving faster than business, none more so than Black Lives Matter. Progress, where it exists, has been too slow, and few workplaces are leading the way. Do radical movements demand radical responses? In this session, we aim to explore the following issues:

  • How can the board lead the way in building a more inclusive workplace and society, and how can they move beyond the familiar repertoire of words and deeds?
  • How can boards give the next generation of leaders, who haven’t enjoyed the head-start afforded by colour, race, class, or wealth, the springboard they deserve?
  • What questions can the board ask to go beyond a superficial look at the issue within their organisation, and what questions should it ask itself?

Originally recorded on 23/07/2020.