The Collective Intelligence Book

How to build a business that’s smarter than you.

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How to build a business that's Smarter than you

“An essential guide to help leaders tap their organisation’s full potential.”

~ Daniel H Pink. #1 New York Times bestselling author

“A whistle-stop tour through processes that lead to clear thinking and conducting business better.”

~ Anjli Raval, Management Editor at the Financial Times

The Collective Intelligence Book

What’s the book about?

Enduringly successful companies don’t rely on a genius CEO. They build collective intelligence, systematically empowering everyone to use their brains and apply them to the things that matter most.

The iPhone wasn’t the brainchild of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet didn’t want to bet on Apple, and Amazon Prime wasn’t Jeff Bezos’ idea. Each of these breakthroughs was sparked by an employee who’d been given the tools, skills and confidence to ask the right questions.

Every company has a vast reservoir of brainpower and it’s your role as a leader to tap into it. In the book we’ll show you how.

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What does the book cover?

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Collective intelligence: what is it?

Collective intelligence is when an organisation’s smarts are greater than the sum of its intellectual parts. It powers the most enduringly successful businesses, helping them to grow big and stay nimble. Here you can learn why it works and how to build it.

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QDI Diagram

How can you embed Collective Intelligence in your team?

We’ve developed a methodology — the Question Driven Insight™ (QDI) Principle — to help you build and sustain collective intelligence at scale in your business.

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Jennifer & Pippa the authors

About the book’s authors

Jen and Pippa are co-CEOs of Board Intelligence, a mission-led technology firm that works with more than 3,000 organizations globally, from Fortune 500s to government departments, helping them to unleash their collective intelligence.

After starting their careers in strategy consulting (Jen) and financial services (Pippa), they met in a coffee shop in London in 2009 and started Board Intelligence a few months later. Today, they are regular speakers at conferences and events and award-winning entrepreneurs, having been named EY London Entrepreneur of the Year and The Times Young Business Woman of the Year.

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