Thank you for choosing to recommend Board Intelligence and helping more organisations turn governance into the most powerful force for good.

Every good deed deserves a good deed in return which is why we created our referral scheme.

Recommend Board Intelligence to three organisations who then go on to contract with us, and we’ll provide our platform free of charge to a charity of your choice.

Our referral programme has already helped a number of charities make a real difference. The only qualification criteria is that the charity you choose should have a UK headquarters and annual income of less than £1m.

With access to powerful agenda planning tools, paper guidance and report writing training, and time-saving secure digital pack management, you’ll be the instigator of not just three more effective boards but an organisation that is better equipped to deliver its purpose.

Better boards mean better run organisations, whether that's a FTSE 100 or a small community-based charity, and that’s better for all of us.

If you think an organisation would benefit from us, and would like us to do the hard work of reaching out to them on your behalf simply submit your details in the form below and we'll be in touch.