Good governance can enable companies to be a force for good and help us all to create a fairer future. But what role can — or should — the governance professional play in this mission?

This research will help to shape leading insights on the role and impact of the company secretary, general counsel or governance professional in shaping a fairer future. Share your perspective by responding to the survey, and sign up below to join one of our online and offline roundtable events and debate the topic with your peers.

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Dr Scarlett Brown

Director, Board Intelligence Think Tank

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Is governance the right approach to create a fairer future? Is your role aligned with your own — and your company’s — purpose and values? Is it even the job of the governance professional to be involved in saving the planet or shaping society? Let us know your views and join the debate.

“CoSecs can be the ‘conscience of the company’. By leveraging my understanding of the governance frameworks, how to write a board proposal and how to engage the execs; these are the kind of skills you can use as company secretary to help your organisation be a force for good.”
~ Chris Taylor, Company Secretary, Youngs plc
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“The sooner you start to think about your legacy and what you’ll be remembered for, the more likely you are to start thinking about things that have lasting impacts into the future, as opposed to short-term success and KPIs.”
~ Steve Holliday, Chair of Cityfibre and Vice Chair of Business in the Community