Data illuminates performance, uncovers insight and helps us makes decisions. Data-driven decisions are not just preferred but required in some organisations — “without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

However, a glut of data can lead to confusion and uncertainty, making it hard to cut through the noise and find the trends that matter. Meanwhile, effectively conveying your findings so that your audience is spurred into (effective) action can take as much effort as the analysis itself!

Watch this recording and hear BI’s James Cavanagh, joined by Liam McGuiness, Partner of Advanced Analytics at CIL, a boutique strategy consultancy, as they cover:

  • Where to start when presented with complex and voluminous datasets.
  • How best to use data to answer the questions that matter most.
  • How to convey the key implications with clarity and at the right level of detail.
  • How to combine narrative and numbers to tell compelling stories.