60 seconds with… Jonathan Davie

Chair of the board

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Jonathan Davie is Chairman of IG Group, a NED at Infrastrata, Persimmon and a partner at First Avenue Partners.

What would make UK boardrooms more effective?

NEDs need to be closer to the business. They need to have a broad range of skills and there needs to be open dialogue between the exec and non-exec on all relevant matters.

How will the UK’s global influence change over the next decade?

The UK’s influence will decline — we’ve been punching above our weight for decades.

Which industries would you back for the next decade?

Water, food and natural resources.

What book is on your bedside table?

The Big Short, Michael Lewis.

What is your golden rule?

“Dictum, Meum, Pactum”, the London Stock Exchange motto… “My word is my bond”.

What advice would you give your children in business?

Identify what you want to do, focus on it, apply yourself and enjoy it.

What was the smartest business decision you’ve witnessed?

Ernie Harrison taking a huge investment gamble in 1985 to launch the Racal Telecom network. In the early years Racal took half the British mobile market and by the early 1990’s had a value of £3.5bn and was known as Vodafone.

Ernest Harrison was knighted in 1981 and died on the 16 February 2009, aged 82.

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