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Board Intelligence’s board portal software is a highly secure platform where board members can view, comment, and collaborate on their board documents — in real time and on any device.

Trusted by 40,000+ board members and executives
Board Intelligence Board portal security

Make sure your board reports and board packs are secure

In today’s world of virtual meetings, the security of the board pack has never been more important. Board Intelligence gives you absolute peace of mind that your board papers and discussions are secure.

With our board portal software, you have access to industry-leading security, compliance and data protection that’s certified and accredited for complete control over who accesses, reads, and manages your board agendas and reports — eliminating the use of email and paper.

  • A single platform for all your critical documents and conversations.
  • Control access and set granular permissions on who sees what.
  • The highest-quality UK data centres (ISO 27001 & 9001-certified), approved for hosting UK Government data.
  • The only UK-HQed, UK-hosted board portal.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus-certified.
  • Biometric login with FaceID or TouchID on any compatible IOS/MacOS device.

“We don’t have the fear factor anymore when it comes to creating Board Information.”

~ Jennifer Foote, Company Secretary and General Counsel, The Manchester College

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Create your board packs and agendas in minutes, not days

Our board reporting software turns your board meeting preparation into a simple and streamlined process. No more time wasted chasing late documents or struggling with last-minute changes to the agenda. Automate each step, from commissioning to compiling your electronic board packs, so you have precious time back to focus on making the board meeting as effective as it can be.

  • Drag and drop agenda items and files, and see timings and page numbers update automatically.
  • Use our smart Agenda Planner, agenda templates or simply copy another meeting.
  • Collate different file formats into one document with the press of a button.
  • Send tailored board notifications when you publish the pack.
  • Republish late papers/amendments without losing the board’s annotations.

“Board Intelligence gives us a 20–25% time-saving in creating our board packs.”

~ Adam Jeffries, Group CIO, JTC — watch the Video

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Get your board on the same page, even if they’re not in the same room

Virtual board meetings present significant challenges, from juggling videoconferencing technology to keeping meeting attendees engaged and the conversation focused.

Board meeting software from Board Intelligence integrates with your chosen video conferencing app, making it easy and secure to access everything you need for your board meetings in one safe place. We’ve developed a number of board portal software features optimised for virtual board meetings to ensure the meeting itself is as effective as possible.

  • Integration with video conference apps, ensuring your remote meetings remain secure.
  • Online or offline access to all your board materials on apps for Windows 10 and above, MacOS, iPad and iPhone.
  • Ask clarification questions and share notes with other board members ahead of the meeting — to use time effectively.
  • Use e-Signatures to approve and sign documents remotely.
  • Split-screen functionality, so you can see both your pack and virtual meeting app side-by-side, or compare papers.

“It would be very hard to do our virtual Group Board meetings without Board Intelligence!”

~ Michael Walsh, Chief Financial Officer, Newable

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“The easiest-to-use board portal platform on the market”

Selecting and procuring boardroom management software is relatively easy — ensuring your board and leadership teams adopt it is the hard part. That’s why we guard our reputation for having the most intuitive board technology on the market so fiercely — it’s the #1 reason why over 60% of our business comes through recommendation.

Why are we good at this? Because we bring together our unique background in governance with feedback from a huge network of board members, to design an experience that combines everything you love about paper with the power of technology.

  • Simple, uncluttered, and intuitive navigation, requiring no training.
  • Make notes with a variety of annotation tools.
  • Search within your pack or entire library.
  • Share links to specific pages of the pack with other board members.
  • Video, telephone, or face-to-face training to suit your needs.
  • See at a glance what’s new or what's changed from you last read your pack.
  • Industry-leading single sign-on solution to support easy offline access and multi-boarded users

Join more than 40,000 leaders who use Board Intelligence's board portal software to streamline corporate governance and run more effective meetings. Read more about what our clients say about us.

“It took me 5 minutes to understand how to use the Board Intelligence Portal — it couldn’t be easier.”

~ Matthew Parker, CEO, Babble

Access to first-rate support, enablement, and community

Once you’re up and running on the Board Intelligence platform (usually within 24 hours) we’ll be with you, not just to help you get the most from your board portal software, but also to ensure you’re up to date with all that’s happening in the world of governance and developing the skills you and your board need to succeed.

  • True 24/7 support from BI24, our specialist support team.
  • The Board Intelligence Academy — learning tools to help you get the best from the platform and improve your own professional performance, but also to help you tackle thorny governance issues like Section 172 and SMCR.
  • Events programme — from our Governance Game Changers series for CoSecs through to the Director Community — giving you access to the expertise of your peers.
  • Newsletter programme — including our weekly business and governance round-up (“The best thing about a Monday morning” ~ UK chair) and our regular chair and senior CoSec interviews.

“BI24 are amazing! Without fail, every time we need something, they are the most responsive support team I deal with across all of our vendors globally.”

~ Stuart Geddes, CIO, Ocorian

Enhance your portal with Agenda Planner & e-Signatures

Agenda Planner

Manage forward agendas for the year ahead for your board and committees. Keep track of which forums need to discuss which items, and effortlessly move items around with automatic timing updates. Tag items by theme and stakeholder group to get analytics on where time is being spent so that you can spot the gaps and support regulatory requirements like s172 reporting.

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Request electronic signatures as you build your board packs without the need for third-party integrations. Evidence when documents were approved and by whom with a single view across all of your forums. And nudge people to sign with one-click reminders.

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