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A Board Director’s Guide to Remote Meetings

88% of board members see remote meetings as an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their board and 76%  will continue to hold remote meetings even when they’re able to safely meet in person, according to our latest research.

While the majority of boards have found remote board meetings beneficial, many face significant challenges - from dealing with technology to the psychology of dialoguing via screens. If remote meetings are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, how can board members bring value to the discussion, ask questions, raise important points, and fulfil their director duties all through a video call?

Get our guide for advice on how to answer some of the important questions remote board meetings raise such as:

  • How to build important connections with your fellow board members without valuable physical interactions? 
  • How do you join a board as a new — remote — director?
  • How do you stay your best in online meetings and drive productive discussions?