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Maximilien is a content creator at Board Intelligence. After starting his career with a global IT and telecommunication group in the USA, he joined Board Intelligence in 2017 — where he’s been writing about governance, technology, and the intersection of the two, for over half a decade.

Maximilien holds a Master’s degree in marketing, believes all motorcycles should be red, knows too much about trackballs, and is a rover scout.

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The QDI Principle in action

How our methodology helped this FTSE 100 drive agility

We helped a global consumer goods company to adopt the QDI Principle, fuelling faster, smarter, and more focused decision making.

“There are three questions every board should ask. Do I really know what is going on? Are we focusing on the right things? And are we asking the right questions?”

~ Executive, Reckitt (FTSE 100)

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