AI and the board pack
A webinar for NEDS & governance professionals
Wednesday 14 February, 12:00–12:30 GMT

A year on from the release of ChatGPT, few boards are clear on what this technology means for the main instrument they rely on to do their job — the board pack — and most directors fear they aren’t tech-savvy enough to tell.

So, stay one step ahead with our next webinar, where we’ll cover:

  • How modern AI works (and why directors need to know).
  • The dangers of using AI to generate or analyse board information.
  • How you can safely use AI to transform board reporting for the better.

Hosted by:

Maximilien van Gaver

Maximilien is a content creator at Board Intelligence. After starting his career with a global IT and telecommunication group in the USA, he joined Board Intelligence in 2017 — where he’s been writing about governance, technology, and the intersection of the two, for over half a decade.

Dr Scarlett Brown

Scarlett leads the think tank at Board Intelligence and is passionate about helping organizations achieve better, evidence-based practices, ultimately making every business a force for good in society. Previously, Scarlett served as the Director of Research at Tomorrow's Company. She is an accomplished author and speaker, specializing in topics such as business in society, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, leadership, and corporate governance with a focus on best practice reporting.

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