Tuesday 30 November, 08:00–8:50 GMT

In Conversation with Ian Stuart, CEO, HSBC UK Bank plc



Ian Stuart has one of the biggest, and most challenging, roles in corporate Britain — leading an organisation with over 15m active customers and 19,000 employees, which seeks to “open up a world of opportunity”. How did he get there? What did he learn personally and professionally from the Covid-19 crisis? And what are the issues on his mind today?


Join us on Tuesday 30 November 2021 for a fireside chat with Ian, the CEO of HSBC UK Bank plc, in which we’ll discuss:

  • His personal and professional journey — how he became CEO of HSBC UK and what guides him.
  • Reflections on the Covid-19 crisis — the leadership lessons he’s learned over the past 18 months.
  • Implementing ambitious plans — what determines the success or failure of strategy.
  • How large, complex organisations can become more agile.
  • The biggest challenges and opportunities facing boards and leadership teams now and in the future.

Ian Stuart is CEO of HSBC UK Bank plc, married with four children, and a keen golfer. He has 40 years’ experience in the banking industry, having joined the industry at the age of 16 as a branch cashier at Bank of Scotland. He spent 22 years at NatWest, during which time he moved into business banking and studied at night school to obtain a management diploma, before joining Barclays in 2007. He moved to HSBC in 2014 and was appointed to his present role in 2017. Ian also serves as a Business Ambassador for Meningitis Now.

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