The Jersey Civil Penalties (JCP) regime – no news may not be good news?

So far the JCP regime has not been applied to a Principal Person, or outside of regulatory failure, but there are many reasons to think this “honeymoon period” may soon be over. Are you prepared for the risks, and what does effective compliance and good governance look like at Board level under the Jersey Civil Penalties regime? Join Board Intelligence and Club NED for a webinar that looks at what lessons can be learnt from the UK and specifically from the Senior Managers and Certification (SMCR) regime, and find out how you can set yourself and your board up to succeed in a highly regulated and scrutinised environment.

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Club NED is a new concept in recruiting non-executive directors and finding non-executive director positions with offshore organisations, connecting non-executive directors with roles they might never have known about and helping organisations source talent they might never have found.

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