Our Director Community brings insights into the latest topics board directors are facing. We are starting our 2023 programme with the most commonly raised topic at our recent events: social mobility and what board directors can/should be doing about it.

The FRC's corporate governance code states that "appointments and succession plans should be based on merit and objective criteria and, within this context, should promote diversity of gender, social and ethnic backgrounds, cognitive and personal strengths." However, few annual reports detail the social backgrounds of their board members and indeed the latest research shows it's often missing from NomCo discussions. 

On 8th March, we are partnering with KPMG's Board Leadership Centre on the back of their recent research into social mobility. The evening will bring together a panel of business leaders to share insights on the latest research, lived experiences and boardroom realities, to help directors learn from peers under Chatham House rule.

This event is for chairs and non-executive directors and will be especially relevant for nomination committee members/chairs. Executive directors are welcome to attend. 

Join the event to:

  • Hear the latest insights on social mobility discussions at board, nominations and and the implications they have for boards today. 
  • Take away innovative ideas from peers to implement within your own boards.  
  • Share experiences with other directors and build your network.  


Sherry Coutu

NED Pearson PLC, Raspberry Pi & Chair Workfinder. Sherry has decades of experience in the FTSE 100, privately-owned and public sectors, and has angel invested in over 70 companies including Zoopla, LOVEFiLM & Beam. Sherry Chairs multiple RemCos and NomCos and was invited by the UK Government in 2014 to author the ScaleUp report on UK economic growth. Sherry will share best practice on what organisations and boards can do to measure and improve social mobility and insights from her recent contributions to the CMI’s everyone economy report – as well as her personal experiences as the first member of her family to go to university.

Tim Copnell

Founding Chair KPMG’s UK Audit Committee Institute and Board Leadership Centre. Tim is the author of The Audit Committee Guide (ICSA 2010) and The AGM and Shareholder Questions (ICSA 2007), as well as being a past winner of the British Accountancy ‘Accountant of the Year’ award for his work with audit committees. Tim will share insights from KPMG’s recent research into social mobility, including that 84% of respondents said their boards are not measuring the socio-economic background of board members and 69% said that their nomination committees were not addressing it during succession planning.

Bushra Ahmed

Board member at Lloyds Bank Foundation & Home-Start UK. Bushra’s journey to the boardroom was an unconventional one, which began in the wake of the 2011 riots in Croydon that destroyed her family business. Bushra will share insights on her experiences of being recruited (and rejected from) the boardroom, including being told she’s “a step too far”.

Hosted by Suzi Beese

Executive Director & Head of the Board Intelligence Director Community. Suzi was a member of the founding team at Board Intelligence. She has led the consulting team and helped a range of organisations - from the UK's largest banks to central government departments - improve the quality and impact of their board and management reporting. She now leads our director community - providing opportunities for our community of 35,000 to meet, learn from, and share with peers on the latest topics board directors are grappling with.

8 March, 17:00–19:00 GMT
24 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3ND
Drinks and canapés.
Have questions or need help to register? Just email events@boardintelligence.com