TUESDAY 14 September 2021, 12:00–12:25

A Board Intelligence Client Webinar

Getting started on the BI app

Are you currently able to:

  • View your board packs any time, even when you are not connected to the internet?
  • Have in-app conversations and clarify discussion points ahead of time?
  • Use our search function to get answers in seconds?

If not, then let us help you make the most of the app in this refresher webinar. We’ll cover:

  • How Board Intelligence helps you, and your board, to be more effective and productive
  • Which devices you can access the Board Intelligence app on
  • How to download and update the app, and turn on auto-updates

You might also be interested in our Mastering the BI app webinar on 2 November to help build your confidence using our app. Learn how to jump through the pack, make notes and more in this refresher webinar.

This session will be run by Olivia Martin, Client Relationship Manager
And Lindsey Rostron, Head of App Implementation

Additional Resources

The Board Intelligence Platform

Keep Your Stakeholders In Focus

With the Board Intelligence platform, it’s easy to ensure your stakeholders are at the heart of every board discussion and decision. Find out how Board Intelligence can help you embed your stakeholders into every aspect of your board meeting from the board agenda through to board papers and external reporting.

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