Wednesday 2nd December, 8am - 8.50am

The CEO Report: simple steps for high impact

The CEO’s report is the most important report in the board pack. Why? Because it answers the question “What’s on my mind?” — and what’s on the CEO’s mind matters to the board. Get it right and the hardest news becomes easier to share. Get it wrong, you’ll take more than your fair share of heat. The CEO report is your opportunity to set the scene and the tone for a productive board interaction – one that leaves you feeling that it’s moved the organisation forward.

In discussion with Penny Hughes CBE*, we’ll explore what makes a great CEO report:

  • How to structure a high impact CEO Report, that answers the questions on the Board's mind
  • How to draft an unvarnished account of performance (including bad news)
  • How to describe the health of the business on a page (and avoid duplication across the pack)
  • How to get what you need from the board
  • Simple steps to make the process easier for you


*Penny Hughes CBE has chaired and sat on the boards of Aston Martin, The Gym Group, Gap, RBS, the British Museum, and Vodafone.
This event is for CEOs only.

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